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Note: Remember that the amount of gold that can be physically withdrawn through the gold atm is 10G or above (The minimum amount to collect using Other Methods is 1G). Make sure you have enough GSA amount that is intended for the withdrawal.

If you have enough amount in your GSA, you may proceed to step 8.

Otherwise, continue to step 3.

There are three methods to collect/withdraw your physical gold:

a) Withdrawal via ATM (pages 12-15)

B) Through delivery – QM (pages 16-18)

c) Self collection (pages 19-21)

The availability of each method depends on the location you select.

You may refer to the PDF file HERE.

a: go to “GSA” & click “Buy Gold” from account.

b: at “Buy gold” enter the total amount of QM sell price for physical gold withdrawal.

c: At “Buy Gold Method” – select “Direct Bank In” or “Payout Account” or “PayDirect – FPX” then click submit.

d: go to “GSA”, click physical withdrawal, choose the grammage of gold bar, select physical withdrawal country & physical withdrawal region, then click submit.

e: for “Direct Bank In”, need to send purchase slip together with the payment bank in slip to QM customer service, inform QM that you wish to withdraw physical gold.

You may refer to the PDF file HERE.

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