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Privacy Notice for Consultants

This privacy notice (“Notice”) is issued to all our existing and/or prospective Consultants pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) which came into effect on 15th November 2013.

For the purposes of this Notice,

Personal Data” means all information in respect of commercial transactions that relates directly or indirectly about an individual who is identified or identifiable from that information alone, or from that information and any other information which we may have including any sensitive personal data and expression of opinions about the individual.  

“Processing” means collecting, recording, holding or storing data, organizing, adapting or altering data, using, referring to, retrieving or consulting data, disclosing or transferring data or otherwise making the data available to third parties, aligning, combining, correcting, erasing, destructing or destroying data.

Affiliates” means any firm, company, corporation or other organisation which is directly or indirectly controlled by the Company and where the term

Control” when used with respect to any organisation means the possession, directly or indirectly, of power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of such organisation, whether through the ownership of shares or by contract or otherwise.

Collection of your Personal Data

When you apply for a position in our firm or are employed by us, we may need to collect and process your information which includes but is not limited to the following:-

Name, Consultancy application, references, performance appraisals, salary reviews, remuneration details, nationality, identification number and/or passport number, postal address, email address, marital status and family members’ details, contact number, date of birth, age and gender, your photographs or images captured by way of video surveillance installed in our premises; bank accounts details, income tax file reference no, name of your relatives or spouse and their contact details, education qualification, skills, achievements, your religious beliefs or any belief of similar nature, medical records, car registration details and any other information of which you may be identifiable from it or which may identify you that we deem necessary from time to time in connection with the commercial relationship between you and us.  (hereinafter collectively referred to as “your Personal Data”)

Sources of your Personal Data

We collect your Personal Data from information provided by you by whatsoever means and information obtained independently by us from other lawful sources.

Purpose of Collecting your Personal Information

The Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by us for the following purposes:- (collectively known as “Purpose”):

  1. for the purposes of our review of your application for Consultancy with us;
  2. personnel administration and management;
  3. for the purposes of performance of terms of Consultancy with us;
  4. for complying with laws and regulations including requirements of any governmental or quasi-governmental or court of law or any legal proceeding
  5. for complying with obligations regarding the keeping of Consultant/worker records;
  6. for any purposes in connection with your Consultancy with us; and
  7. for and/or in connection with the conduct of our business and Services;

and you agree and consent to us, using and processing your Personal Data in the manner as identified in this Notice.

Disclosure to Third Parties

We disclose your Personal Data to the third parties including:-

  1. our subsidiaries and Affiliates;
  2. any professional advisors including external auditors, contractors, consultants, solicitors and other professional Service providers appointed in relation to our business;
  3. banks and financial institutions;
  4. insurance providers;
  5. parties providing products and/or Services to us (such as IT systems suppliers, pension, benefits and payroll administrators); and

regulatory and governmental authorities and private institutions as required by law

Transfer of Personal Data outside Malaysia

We may transfer your Personal Data outside Malaysia to any of our Affiliates when carrying out any of the Purpose stated above to the extent permitted by law.

Consequences of Refusal / Failure to Provide Personal Data

The supply of your Personal Data to us is generally voluntary but there are certain Personal Data which is obligatory in law to be provided. In the event you choose not to provide your consent or subsequently withdraw your consent to the processing of your Personal Data by us, we may not be able to process your application for Consultancy with us or continue to engage you as our Consultants and/or provide you with our full range of Services and benefits or to fulfil the requirements of any authority or law.

Your rights of access to, correction, and limiting the processing of your personal data

You may at any time hereafter request to access to your Personal Data and have a copy of it by submitting such request in writing.

If you are of the view that your Personal data is inaccurate, misleading, incomplete or out-of-date, you may also make a request in writing for correction.

If you would like us to cease processing your Personal Data in a specified manner, you are entitled to submit a written request for such restriction of the processing of your personal data.

We will take reasonable endeavours to comply with your request. We may however refuse to comply with the requests under circumstances as permitted by law.

Any abovementioned requests, enquiries or complaints with respect to your Personal Data may be submitted to the Company’s designated Human Resource Manager us in writing.  

Please include the following in any of your written request which may be used to identify you:

  1. name;
  2. identification number;
  3. contact number.

Security of Personal Data

We take reasonable steps to ensure your personal data is protected from damage, unauthorized access, accidental loss and misuse. We also require all our data processors to take reasonable security measures in the processing of your personal data.

Data Integrity

You are advised to initiate the review of your personal data from time to time. Upon receipt of your written requests for correction of your personal data, we will take reasonable steps to rectify the personal data which is inaccurate, incomplete and not up-to-date unless we consider there are justifications for refusing to comply with your requests. 

Changes to the Personal Data Protection Notice

We reserve the right to modify, update or amend the terms of this Notice at any time to reflect the changes in law and business practices. By continuing in your Consultancy with us after communication of our latest Notice, you are deemed to have accepted such modifications, updates or amendments unless you have expressly stated otherwise in writing to us.


This Notice is issued in both the English and Malay languages. In the event of any inconsistency between these two versions, the English version shall prevail.

Consultant Consent Statement

I have read and fully understand that the Privacy Notice issued by the Company.

I agree that processing my personal data is necessary and is a condition of my Consultancy.  

I consent to the Company, any Affiliate and any third party acting on its or their behalf:-

  1. processing my Personal Data for any purpose directly or indirectly connected with my Consultancy including, managing or terminating my Consultancy, the administration, management and/or operation of the business of the Company and/or its Affiliates, and/or compliance with applicable laws and regulations and/or legal proceedings; and
  2. transferring and Processing such Personal Data outside Malaysia for such Purpose,

to the extent permitted by law.

I understand that I may request access to and/or correction of my Personal Data in accordance with and subject to law.

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