About EION

We are a Global Gold Asset Consultancy that is set out with the sole objective to provide online buy and sell gold services for local as well as international clients from different regions all over the world.

Our clients will always be in absolute control over their assets while constantly guided by our team of experienced experts.

Our Mission

To establish a solid network of clients across the globe by equipping them with knowledge of gold assets

Our Vision

To offer a genuine, consistent and proven alternative to generating wealth for all.

Our Value

We are a people-centered company that takes our clients’ financial goals to heart.

We set the tone.


We are ENTHUSIASTIC in delivering top-notch professional online buy and sell gold services to both local and global markets.


To bring forth INNOVATIVE strategies and methodologies for buying and selling gold that will empower clients to effectively manage their financial goals.


Our goal is to consistently deliver OUTSTANDING professionalism and excellence by over-delivering on performance while under-promising to our clients every time.


We seek to uphold the integrity of our business with the implementation of verifiable and genuine business workflow as a NOBLE intent for sustainable longevity.

EION Chief



An experienced investor and venture capitalist with more than 15 years of experience that is always in pursuit of unique business platforms that are not only scalable in size but also in their potential. Some of the existing business portfolios that are already under the belt are among industries such as finance, real estate, technology, manufacturing, education, marketing, co-working space service, F&B, hotel, and even aquaculture.

Our Principal

We strive to create and maintain a healthy collaboration with all our stakeholders by focusing all our attention to unify our practices, partnerships, and products around a single mission; that is to foster and cultivate a sustainable solid foundation.

Learn more about our principal here.

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