Gold Price gone up by +428% in the past 20 years

Averagely increased by +21.4% per year

Top 9 benefits of GCA

I have used this method for my car loan and housing loan installments.

Madam Aishah

Brilliant idea of buying Gold refinancing it and cashing out before spending.

Mr Azmin

I'm impressed with little action can lead to such a huge impact to my wallet.

Lilian T.

This makes financial planning simpler and more achievable.

Christopher P.

My family and I are active EasyCount users now.

Mr Joseph Designation

Never burn opportunities for temporary comfort.



Introducing EION EasyCount – Your ultimate financial companion.

EION EasyCount is designed to make regular gold purchase and cash management a breeze. With this powerful tool, you can take full control of your finances by purchasing gold upfront and strategically pledging it for partial cash to cover loans, installments or expenses. It’s a seamless way to maximize your returns while maintaining financial flexibility.

Whether you’re planning to save for the future or pay off loans efficiently, EION EasyCount simplifies the process. Calculate your expected profits effortlessly and make informed decisions about your financial goals. Start your journey to financial empowerment today with EION EasyCount!


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