EION Management has an organizational culture for creative innovation and practices a high level of teamwork collaboration. We have cultural features focusing on maintaining a high level of innovation that involves creativity and a mindset that challenges conventionals and standards. When creating a healthy workplace, it’s important to focus on not only what’s best for our employees, but also the community around us.

Working at EION

As a people-centric company, we bring amazing people together to make amazing things happen. It takes a diverse team of talented individuals to do extraordinary work. We take pride in what we do and welcome you for who you are and who you want to become.

At EION Management, we take your ideas, we give you resources and we watch them grow together.

Available Opportunities

Relationship Manager

Create and enforce plans that will help meet the needs of customers. Build long-term relationships with clients and customers. Work quickly to address and resolve customer issues.

Financial Analyst

Forecast or predict the future financial price movements based on analysis of past price movements. Together, we provide a comprehensive understanding on support and resistance levels to anticipate the possible moving directions of future prices.

Fullstack Developer

Produce scalable software solutions. You’ll be part of a cross-functional team that’s responsible for the full software development life cycle, from conception to deployment.

We care about your journey with us. This is where your career starts:

Grow Your Goal With Gold

We set the stage for you to flourish both locally and internationally. Only the sky is the limit. Be part of EION Management’s “GOLD-balization” movement as we expand geographically throughout the world.

Our Development, Affiliate and Leadership Programme, the power that drives you.

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