Contest Period: 22nd June – 31st August 2023

Refer to below terms and conditions for more details!
1. Eligibility

  • The contest is ONLY open to non-consultants from EION Management, including introducers and members.
  • Participants MUST be active members* of EION Management during the contest period and yet to be promoted to Consultant by 22nd June 2023.
    *Active members are defined as individuals who have made a self-purchase of at least 1 unit of GAE10X.

2. Contest Period & Details

  • The contest will run from 22nd June, 2023 to 31st August, 2023.
  • All entries must be submitted within this period to be considered.
  • The evaluation process is subject to the validation of purchase from the system, confirming the purchase of 30 units of GAE10X is dated on the first day of contest (22nd June 2023) and from direct members within EION Management, EXCLUDING self-purchase.

⚠️ For example:

If you have achieved 21 units of GAE10X from direct members before 22nd June AND submitted 9 units in between 22nd June to 31st August. You are NOT QUALIFIED for any iPad/ cash reward.

ONLY NEW purchase of 30 units GAE10X on 22nd June onwards from direct members excluding self-purchase will be considered during this contest.

3. Prize

  • Qualifiers will receive an iPad (10th generation) Wi-Fi 64GB as the reward for their outstanding performance or contribution OR opt for cash of RM1,500.

4. Announcement of Winners

  • Winner(s) will be announced within a reasonable timeframe after the contest concludes on the last day.
  • The announcement may be made through internal communication channels, such as emails, newsletters, or company-wide announcements.

5. Proof of Purchase

  • Participants must submit proof of purchase from their members to EION customer care email at for validation.
  • The proof of purchase should clearly indicate the purchase of 30 units of GAE10X dated 22nd June from their direct members within EION Management including full name per ID card, registered mobile number and email with QM.
  • Accepted forms of proof may include receipts, order confirmations, or any other documentation that verifies the purchase.
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